Sellout Alert: Less Than 40 Weekend Tickets Left!

There are less than 40 weekend tickets left for WordCamp Miami. Remember when we told you that we tend to sell out every year? Well, looks like that is happening again for 2016.

If you are planning on attending the entire weekend, then you need to pick up your Sat/Sun LATE ADMISSION ticket as soon as you can. Late admission tickets were posted a few days ago and while they include full admission to the event including food and other perks, a t-shirt and some swag aren’t guaranteed.

If you are planning on attending ONLY SUNDAY then pick up a “Learn JavaScript Deeply” ticket which covers only Sunday and it’s a slightly cheaper ticket.

We also have limited availability in our workshops – if you’re a developer then BuddyCamp Miami is where you want to be going. Beginner’s workshop and the freelancer’s workshops are nearing capacity too.

Once the tickets are gone, we’ll put up a waiting list and post that information on the site. We will also advice before the event if we are allowing tickets purchased at the door on Saturday (2/20) morning.

See you soon!