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Workshops Sold Out! Late Admission Tickets!

Although there are one or two tickets floating in our system now, WordCamp Miami workshops have sold out with about a week before the conference. Thank you to all of those who purchased tickets – and thank you to of course to volunteers and sponsors who made this possible.

Waitlist Now Open

A waitlist is up right now. There are a few cancelations before the event and when a spot opens up we will let waitlisters now in the order they entered their names on the list.

Late Admission Tickets

We currently have closed down general admission tickets and replaced them with late admission tickets for Saturday and Sunday (March 25th and 26th). Late admission tickets still give you FULL access to the weekend, just like a general admission ticket. You still get food as well. What’s missing from a late admission ticket? You might not get a t-shirt and swag. Late admission tickets are still a great value, and these usually go out very quickly which leads to a SELL OUT.

A waitlist is up right now. There are a few cancelations before the event and when a spot opens up we will let waitlisters now in the order they entered their names on the list.

Looking For WordCamp 2017 Organizers and Volunteers

We are in the midst of planning of our next WordCamp Miami for 2017. WordCamps are non-profit community events run by volunteers and supported by local and nationwide sponsors. It’s primary purposes are to educate the local community on WordPress and related web technologies, and to offer a great networking opportunity with web professionals.

This is our NINTH WordCamp. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since we started. We have not confirmed dates, but we are aiming for the general time as WordCamp Miami 2016 (which was February 19-21, 2016).

About 850 people attended the last WordCamp. We expect similar numbers for 2017. It takes a lot of work to organize such an event. And that’s where you come in.

We are looking for people to join the WCMIA Organization Team. Not just to help with making this even great and organized, but we want to make sure our team has a unified by DIVERSE voice. Minority voices are vital for any strong organization, especially one that serves South Florida.

Everyone is busy, but if you think you can spare a few hours helping out with organization, we would love to see you become part of the team. We would love to see past WordCamp Miami volunteers step up to help or become part of the organization team, but if you’ve been a frequent or a familiar face to any of our meetups that’s also great.

Right now, we are lacking in organizational help. So please spread the word. Our next meetup is September 1st in Davie ( so please come by if you have any questions.

You can email us at or send us a note at

Thank you! See you soon at our next meetup!

Why Journalists Should Attend WordCamp Miami

Whether you’ve got a full-time job, part-time job, you’re a freelancer or you’re looking, WordCamp has something for every facet of journalism. That is every journalist should be at WordCamp Miami this weekend.

The freelancer’s workshop on Friday, Feb. 19, helps full-time and part-time freelancers work on projects, regardless of WordPress experience. Many sessions include how to use WordPress to your advantage with branding, clients, sales, and more.

Starting Saturday, journalists can head to awesome sessions like creating new blogs, building landing pages, SEO, and content creation, plus so much more.

On Sunday, journalists can learn the benefits of user-generated content, social media advertising, and how to handle your freelance business if it gets too big, plus tons more.

Want to hire a journalist? Visit the SPJ Florida whiteboard to add your job opening where attendees can get a first-hand look at who is hiring. You may also be featured on where journalists from across the state flock to find the newest job listings. Whether it’s a writer, reporter, editor, or even blogger, social media manager, or intern, SPJ Florida features journalism jobs at no cost to employers or job seekers. Yes, that’s correct: free for all.

Got any questions? Contact @dorizinn on Twitter.

Weekend & Beginner Workshop Tickets Sold Out

giphy (44)

Once again WordCamp Miami has sold out with about a week before the conference. Thank you to all of those who purchased tickets – and thank you to of course to volunteers and sponsors who made this possible.

Currently our late admission tickets for Saturday and Sunday (February 20th and 21st) are sold out in addition to the Beginner’s Workshop on February 19th. Tickets for BuddyCamp Miami and the freelancer’s workshops are still available.

A waitlist is up right now. There are a few cancelations before the event and when a spot opens up we will let waitlisters now in the order they entered their names on the list.

Sellout Alert: Less Than 40 Weekend Tickets Left!

There are less than 40 weekend tickets left for WordCamp Miami. Remember when we told you that we tend to sell out every year? Well, looks like that is happening again for 2016.

If you are planning on attending the entire weekend, then you need to pick up your Sat/Sun LATE ADMISSION ticket as soon as you can. Late admission tickets were posted a few days ago and while they include full admission to the event including food and other perks, a t-shirt and some swag aren’t guaranteed.

If you are planning on attending ONLY SUNDAY then pick up a “Learn JavaScript Deeply” ticket which covers only Sunday and it’s a slightly cheaper ticket.

We also have limited availability in our workshops – if you’re a developer then BuddyCamp Miami is where you want to be going. Beginner’s workshop and the freelancer’s workshops are nearing capacity too.

Once the tickets are gone, we’ll put up a waiting list and post that information on the site. We will also advice before the event if we are allowing tickets purchased at the door on Saturday (2/20) morning.

See you soon!

Details on Weekend Kid’s Activities

Screenshot-2015-02-11-10.08.31 (1)

WordCamp Miami is proud to be expanding for the first time its activities and sessions involving the next generation of WordPress users and developers. We have provided free tickets to kids ages 6 to 14, and they’ll get their own attendee bags when they register filled with their own swag and some special surprises.

In addition to that, here’s the highlights of our kid-related activities for the weekend:

WordPress Kid’s Workshop (Saturday, February 20th) – 10:00am to 3:00pm

Located in RB 120
For the 3rd year in a row WordCamp Miami is holding a WordPress beginner’s workshop for kids. The class will be led by Sandy Edwards, Kimberly Lipari, Michele Butcher, and Chris Christoff (all speakers or panelists at WCMIA this year). They will walk kids and their parents through the process of setting up a new account and how to get started blogging and publishing content to the Internet.

This class is geared towards 8-12 year olds, however, any age is welcome to attend (space permitting). Parents must be present for children under 13 and all attendees must bring a laptop or tablet. Children under the age of 18 can attend without charge with a paid adult (parent) ticket.

This is designed to be an interactive class, so participation and questions are welcomed and required. After the workshop, they can stay for the rest of the conference for refreshments and snacks… and also attend any other sessions. As far as exact room of this workshop – it will be near the other WordCamp Miami sessions at the same venue. We’ll have signs and volunteers to point you in the right direction.

Morning STEAM Workshop (Sunday, February 21st) – 9:45am to 11:45am

Located in CBC 140
STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. STEAM workshops are perfect for kids looking for a creative learning experience that’s also fun. We will have volunteers and experienced educators/teachers guiding this workshop, which will be centered around various craft and building projects. Children ages 6 to 14 are invited along with a parent or guardian, although older children and adults are invited as well! Kids will be able to take home the things they’ll be building in the workshop. Kids who attended the workshop on Saturday will be able to blog about their activities!

Afternoon STEAM Workshop (Sunday, February 21st) – 12:45pm to 3:45pm (RB 120)

Located in CBC 140
After a lunch break, we’ll have different activities planned for the children in the afternoon. Again, children ages 6 to 14 are invited along with a parent or guardian, although older children and adults are invited as well! Kids who attended the workshop on Saturday will be able to blog about their activities!

Kid’s Panel (Sunday, February 21st) – 3:45pm to 4:30pm

Located in RB 120
WordPress is as important to the next generation as the current one. We will be interviewing young people that either use WordPress or currently blog in general. We will be asking how they go about using WordPress or their blogging software, why they choose to blog and publish online, and what would make the experience better for them. If your child would like to be on the panel, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US ASAP.

ICE CREAM (Sunday, February 21st) – Around 2:30pm

We have treats both days for adults and children alike – but the nitrogen frozen ice cream on Sundays has become a tradition. Your kids will love it. Ice cream provided by Chill’n.


Vote For Your WCMIA Ice Cream Flavor!


Thanks to our sponsors and our friends at Chilln Ice Cream, we are proud to bring back the nitrogen-flavored ice cream for Sunday (February 21st) for the fourth year in a row. And just like last year time we want your input and vote for your favorite flavor.

Take a few seconds and fill out the survey below (or share the link with others).

When you come to WordCamp Miami, you’ll find out which flavor(s) won. 🙂


Grab Your Tickets Soon To Get A T-Shirt And Swag!

Screenshot 2016-01-22 08.28.44

Everyone loves a t-shirt. WordCamp Miami shirts are so stylish that they are frequently worn at other conferences and WordCamps. But you need to get a ticket early enough for us to request the right shirt sizes/amounts to our t-shirt people.

You need to grab a weekend ticket by Jan 31st in order to guarantee yourself a 2016 WordCamp Miami shirt…

But, wait – there’s more!

We will be putting something special in all the attendee bags for those people who also grab their tickets by the deadline.

So don’t wait, or you’ll lose out!

Business Panels Announced


WordCamp Miami has had a business track for a number of years, which has been aimed to help people trying to start a business (particularly WordPress) or helping people who currently have a business increase their profits and productivity.

This year is no different and we’re proud to have three panels in our Sunday February 21st business track. Make sure to check out our schedule for the latest on who is going to be speaking and when. Here’s a summary of our panels:

Is It Time To Diversify Beyond WordPress?

Panelists on this panel, who are deeply involved in the WordPress ecosystem in various ways, will have an honest conversation on how they feel about WordPress’s growth, and their thoughts about the changes that are coming over the horizon. They will share their feeling about the WordPress theme and plugin market in addition to providing insight as members of WordPress agencies. Do they have plans on expanding outside of WordPress in the future? Is there a right time to do this, and what are the right conditions for anyone to give this consideration?

How To Scale Your Business

This panel is mostly panelists offering the most practical suggestions from their own experiences (less story telling, and more “this is how this applied to me and can apply to others also”). Suggestions and talk doesn’t have to be WordPress specific but feel free to note how a WordPress business is unique is any aspects. Suggestions can also cover recurring revenues or client strategies.

Growing From Freelancing/Small Teams To Big Companies

Panelists tell their story and then answer questions about how they transitioned, along with offering tips to the audience. Some panelists have gone from freelance to agency life, others have gone from one or two man shops to building their own legit business.

Kids Invited To WordCamp Miami

Kids Invited To WordCamp Miami

WordCamps have always been community events and family-friendly. Young ones have always been welcome at WordCamp Miami – in fact, we started our beginner’s workshop JUST for kids and young teens in 2014. This year, we are encouraging parents and guardians to bring their kids to WordCamp Miami! Parents and guardians can now grab a ticket for their children ages 6 to 14 on the ticket page. We are finalizing plans and some surprises now. Here’s what you can expect: zoe_2

– On Saturday and Sunday registered kids ages 6 to 14 can get their own “Child Theme” version of an attendee bag. It will hold some nice surprises – including a WordCamp Miami coloring book (the coloring book is so great we’re sure some adults will want one for themselves!)
– On Sunday, we will have a “Kid’s Workshop” in the morning devoted to teaching children w/ their parents how to safely and securely publish content on the web with WordPress (we will update this page with a link to more information on this workshop shortly).
– Sunday afternoon children are welcome to join us for ice cream (and not just ANY ice cream – nitrogen frozen ice cream, just like last year).
– Sunday after lunch we will be hosting a crafts/STEAM workshop. It’s going to be educational, fun, and creative!
– At the end of Sunday, children and parents (along with the rest of our attendees) will be invited to hear our first kid’s panel (the mention of the kids’ panel is currently on our official schedule). If your child blogs with WordPress and would like to talk about it, then please nominate them to be a part of the panel.

We aim to provide more information prior to the event about the above (and possibly other plans). Please stay tuned and looking forward to seeing you next month!

Disclaimer: We are not providing daycare services at this time. Parents or legal guardians must accompany their children at all times and are responsible for providing alternate snacks/meals if they so choose. Bringing children under the age of 6 is permitted although we ask you to be conscious and courteous of your fellow attendees, especially during sessions.

Workshop & Weekend Schedule Is Up!

IT’S HAPPENING! It’s the moment that many have been waiting for and we are proud to announce that our schedule is now live on our site. Over 65 speakers and 3 days of tracks, workshops, panels, and lightning talks:

This schedule covers our workshops and the full weekend. The schedule is still in “beta” which means we are adding some final speakers and the schedule might be tweaked slightly.

Highlights include:

  • Our three workshops on February 19th: Developers/BuddyCamp, Beginner’s Workshop, and our new Freelancers Workshop.
  • Our “How To” Track on Saturday includes many topics our local community have been requesting. This plus the “Content & Design” track is perfect for WordPress users, designers, content creators, and marketers.
  • Developers track includes great talks, including speakers from the local PHP community.
  • Business track on Sunday is targeted toward business professional and we will be announcing our business panels and panelists shortly. Some special guests will be showing up!
  • Developers will be happy to learn we’ve devoted Sunday to “Learning JavaScript Deeply”. Not only are we bringing in experts in the WordPress community, but also adding speakers from the JS community.
  • Our kid’s panel on Sunday, which follows a full-day of activities planned for young ones, will be our first and we are still looking for nominations for <18yr old men/women to join.
  • Don’t forget that your ticket covers lunch, swag, and snacks (including our famous ice cream on Sunday).

Check out our speaker page too for details on those coming to Miami:

Cain & Obenland In The (Sunday) Morning!


On Sunday, February 21st grab a cup of coffee and start off the final day of WordCamp Miami on the right foot with Automatticians Konstantin Obenland and Michael Cain in their morning show-style WordCamp talk! The session is broken into three segments, two that will cover any number of WordPress topics – theming, design, development, best practices, worst practices, future trends, you name it – and a special guest interview with a big name from the WordPress world. There will be laughter (hopefully?), there will be tears (regrettably?), there will even be some awkward silences (definitely). But most importantly, there will be plenty of that whole-grained, balanced-diet WordPress that you just can’t get enough of.

Here’s some information about our two wild and crazy hosts:

Michael Cain

Michael is a Portland, Maine-based “Classical Mechanic” for Automattic‘s Gravity team. He spends his days developing, testing, and improving the new user theme experience on, his evenings blogging about food and travel on, and his nights dreaming about how to make tomorrow’s WordPress blogs and sites even better.

Konstantin Obenland

Konstantin is a WordPress aficionado, and Core Developer based in Southern California. You might remember him from projects like WordPress 4.3 or the new Theme Directory. At Automattic he’s is part of a team that contributes to Core and full time. He enjoys bourbons, craft beers, and good food — sometimes so much that he blogs about it.

Announcing: “Learn JavaScript Deeply” Track

Screenshot 2016-01-06 12.49.31During his “State of the Word”, Matt Mullenweg (CEO of Auttomatic) gave the WordPress community “homework” to “learn JavaScript deeply” (click here to watch the video – the mention is 59:00 minutes into the video) Matt claimed that it’s the future of the web, and WordCamp Miami believes that as well. To that end, WordCamp Miami is devoting it’s entire developer’s track on Sunday to JavaScript education.

This track is for any and all developers who want to improve their JavaScript knowledge. This track is great for those who are just starting to get a handle on JavaScript. There is also material for more advanced developers who have a solid knowledge, but need to know how to move forward. The track will cover everything from basic developer tools to advanced JavaScript concepts to JS frameworks to how to apply more advanced concepts to WordPress development. Although WordPress is discussed in a few talks, the track contains mountains of knowledge and tips for any JavaScript developers regardless if you use WordPress or not.

The “Learn JavaScript Deeply” track will be on Sunday, February 21st. It is a full-day track.

Although we haven’t yet posted our weekend schedule, we are proud to showcase the following planned speakers and the talks they will be covering.

Camden Segal

Camden is a developer at WebDevStudios where he is the resident Javascript guru and is pretty good at WordPress too I guess. Camden began his career as a developer at the age of 7, aiming to debut on the AOL Kids Only Games section. The sting of rejection failed to deter Camden – he went on to sell over $1500 in weapons on Second Life when he was in middle school. Eventually, Camden came to his senses and majored in Studio Arts at Bard College, and has utilized his degree extensively in his postgraduate career. In his free time Camden is an independent game designer and helps run the Philly Game Forge, a co-working space for game developers.

Talk: “Modern Javascript Workflows for WordPress”: The modern JavaScript ecosystem is evolving at an incredible pace. Every day there are new frameworks, tools, and ideas that push JavaScript development a little further.

Josh will walk you through the concepts behind tools like NPM, Browserify, ES2015, and Babel, their basic usage. If you are a WordPress developer we will show how to best integrate them with WordPress’s built in systems. Even if you aren’t a WordPress developer, this talk will introduce you to tools that you should be using for your JavaScript development.

Nizar Khalife Iglesias

Hi, I’m Nizar. I’m the Lead Instructor at IronHack Miami and have been a Web developer for over 8 years. I teach people what coding is and how to code. I also write software for the server, command-line and browser, usually in my preferred language: JavaScript. I love learning and speaking about code and I try to stay active in developer meetups in South Florida.
Aside from that, I’m from Puerto Rico and I enjoy video games, film and cookies. I try to say funny things and often fail.

Talk: “Advanced Topics of JavaScript”: If you’ve done even a little bit of JavaScript, you know that its has it’s fair share of quirks. In particular, functions in JavaScript do a lot of strange things. Rather than be a victim of the bizarre history of the Web, Nizar is here cut through the metaphorical jungle of the JavaScript function.

In this hands on workshop, you will learn about the nuances of functions in JavaScript. We will discuss what it means for functions to be first-class citizens in a language, what function scope is, the mysterious “this” keyword and some of the implications of all these things. Don’t forget your machete.

Josh Pollock

Josh, is a WordPress plugin developer, educator and entrepreneur. He is the owner of CalderaWP, makers of Caldera Forms, and a co-founder of Ingot, the easiest A/B testing solution for WordPress. In addition he is a contributor to WordPress core, the WordPress REST API, and plugins by Foo Plugins, Postmatic, Pods, Aesop Interactive, WordImpress, GravityView and more.

One of Josh’s favorite things to do is to share what he has learned about WordPress plugin development, business and community. He writes regularly for Torque Magazine and has contributed to other top WordPress tutorial sites including, Smashing Magazine, Tuts+, and WPBeginner. He is also the author of the book The Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API.

Talk: “Intro to AngularJS”: AngularJS is a wonderful tool, extending the conventions of HTML5 that we all know and love, for building dynamic web applications. This beginner talk will provide you with a basic understanding of Angular templates, controllers, directives and factories. It will prepare you to get started with Angular and use it to build awesome interfaces connected to a RESTful API, such as the WordPress REST API.

Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon is currently preparing the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course. Previously, Zac taught WordPress for Treehouse, the online technology school. Zac has years of experience teaching WordPress and JavaScript at the high school and college level. In addition to teaching, Zac also runs Web Hosting for Students.

Talk: “Use Cases for JavaScript Frameworks”: In this talk, WordPress educator Zac Gordon goes over many of the popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks (jQuery, Backbone, Ember, Angular and React) and discusses various use cases for each one. Of course, the talk also includes emphasis on some vanilla JS knowledge a WordPress dev should have.

Bruno Cunha

Bruno Cunha is a self-taught front-end developer working at EarlyShares, where he helps build platforms for crowdfunding commercial real estate. A Miami native, Bruno likes contributing to the local tech community – most recently, he gave a talk for the Miami Ruby Brigade on JavaScript for Rails Developers, as well as a two-part talk for the Front-End Developers of Miami on mob programming using TDD and JavaScript. He loves building modern and performant interfaces and happily welcomes any challengers to a battle in Super Smash Bros.

Talk: “Intro to React”: React is a popular JavaScript library by Facebook for building dynamic user interfaces. In this introduction, we’ll cover component-based application structure, React basics, and next steps. A basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended so you can follow along as we live code our first React Component!

Kevin Stover

Kevin is the co-founder and CTO of WP Ninjas, the creators of the Ninja Forms plugin. He’s been working in WordPress for over six years and studied desktop development before jumping into developing for the web. He has a wife, a one year old daughter, and a Master’s Degree, and nearly a PhD, in Roman Military history from the University of Liverpool.

Talk: “My Experience Converting a WordPress Plugin to a Backbone App”: It starts out innocently enough; you need to hide a div in your plugin admin screen, so you go to Google and type something like: jQuery hide element. Then, you realize that you also need to change the text of one of your h3 tags when the user selects a specific option. You keep telling yourself that this is the last time, but you’ve already done it. You’ve created a big heaping mess of jQuery spaghetti. Your JS file is now hundreds of lines of code snippets that show and hide elements, change HTML text, swap out input values, and anything else that you need to make your plugin admin “dynamic.” We’ve all been there; there’s no shame in admitting it. In WordPress, often the JS that drives our interfaces is an after thought. I’ve cooked up jQuery spaghetti more times than I care to say.

In this session, I’ll share my experiences in converting a popular WordPress plugin, Ninja Forms, from a PHP/HTML plugin to a mostly JS application. We’ll talk about the tools and technologies that we’ve used to avoid the dreaded pasta of bad code, along with how we overcame some WordPress-specific challenges. We’ll cover how we to plan and build a data-driven user interaction, rather than a reactive, snippet-driven mess.

More Speakers and Surprises To Come!

Speakers are being added to the above lineup and they’ll be announced in a few days along with our weekend schedule.

Speakers will be sharing all the code online. For this unique and exclusive rack, there will also be a Q&A at the end of the day for those with questions. It’s a perfect time to get the feedback and suggestions from a group of experienced developers. No question is too basic or small! There will also be a section of the schedule dedicated to speakers sharing the best resources so you can continue your education after the conference. A Slack channel (click here to signup) will be provided exclusively for developers at the conference so you can virtually meet developers before the conference… and follow up with them after the conference as well.

More information and surprises concerning WordCamp Miami’s “Learn JavaScript Deeply” track will be announced the closer we get to the conference. We are looking forward to educating the local community and hope this starts a trend of knowledgable workshops and tracks in future WordCamps in 2016!

Grab your weekend ticket now to make sure you can attend. Developers should also come to our BuddyCamp Developers workshop on Friday, Feb. 19th!

Announcing Our Freelance Workshop (February 19th)

Screenshot 2016-01-03 17.26.24

Are you currently a freelancer? Are you hoping to become a freelancer or do some projects on the side? Then WordCamp Miami has the workshop for you, regardless if you currently use WordPress or not. Along with our Beginner’s Workshop and our developers/BuddyCamp Miami workshop, we are proud to offer a full-day workshop on February 19th dedicated to giving valuable advice and knowledge uniquely targeted to those who are “on their own” (even perhaps working out of their home).

The following topics will be covered by experienced speakers:

Sales And Pricing Strategies
Client Relations
How To HandOff Projects
How To Fire A Client
Giving Great Support to Angry Customers
How To Handle Change Orders From Clients

…and more. This workshop will start at 9am on Friday February 19th and end around 4:30pm with an hour long lunch break. Schedule will be released soon with speaker information and planned times of the talks (as long as location of venue).

Screenshot 2016-01-03 17.24.49

Is This Class Just For New Freelancers?

While those new to freelancing will greatly benefit, any freelancer or small business would benefit from the knowledge and reminds from these talks. Plus you’ll have the ability to network within a knowledge but smaller group before the much bigger WordCamp Miami weekend.

Why Buy Your Tickets Now?

Due to limited seating, tickets for our 2015 workshops sold out even faster than our weekend tickets. Very likely the same will happen this year. So instead of delaying and then being put on waiting list you should grab your workshop ticket AND weekend tickets NOW:

Search For Youths For Our First Kid’s Panel


In addition to once again having our Kid’s Workshop, WordCamp Miami is aiming to have our first kid’s panel: “The Next Generation of WordPress Users”. We want to showcase how young people are using WordPress, how they view blogging, and what other technologies they are using to publish content on the Internet. The panel is meant to not only feature youths, but also educate those in attendance what the next generation’s motivations are.

Are you a parent or guardian of a child (age 18 or under) that uses WordPress (hosted version or Does the child have a blog, even if it’s NOT on WordPress? Then we would like to see them apply (w/ parent’s permission) to be a part of a 30 minute panel on Sunday (February 21st) afternoon.

Parents and guardians can simply email us directly at to nominate a child.

First Round of Tickets Now On Sale!


The time has finally arrived!

You can now purchase your tickets for WordCamp Miami!

We’re offering several ticket types:

  • A full weekend ticket, which covers sessions for both Saturday and Sunday (Feb 20/21). This will include lunch each day, glorious swag, an official t-shirt, and some surprises. All for only $35!
  • Beginner’s Workshop (which you can find more details about here – including a schedule) ticket for February 19th. This ticket includes lunch and gives you full access to the workshop.
  • Developer / BuddyCamp ticket for February 19th. It’s more than a second workshop on that day – it’s a tradition! If you are a developer or want to hear talks on BuddyPress and developer topics, this is your rally point!
  • Freelance Workshop ticket for February 19th. Our third and final workshop will have speakers give topics on how to be a better freelancer, how to deal with clients, and more. We will release the full schedule for this workshop soon.
  • Kid’s Workshop tickets for February 21st. If you have a child ages 8-13 then consider joining your child for our workshop on Sunday morning. We show kids how to publish using WordPress as parents watch them create their first blog posts! Bring your laptop or tablet!

If you applied to speak or volunteer and wondering if you need to buy a weekend ticket now – don’t worry. We are holding weekend tickets in reserve for speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. If you want to attend a workshop, you can grab your ticket now if you’re sure you want to attend that workshop and we will refund you if appropriate.

We’ll be posting information regarding speakers and schedules, so please be sure that you’re subscribed to our mailing list to get ticket updates via email. Or join us in our Slack channel. These are the best ways to be the first to be notified of future announcements.