Rublon is cloud-based security software that helps companies protect their data and resources with two-factor authentication via email, SMS and mobile app. Over 2,000 deployments worldwide speak for themselves.

Rublon offers a 5-star rated two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress that protects up to 1 account in the free plan.

Rublon offers two solutions:

Rublon Business

  1. Rublon Business is a solution for companies and offers the following benefits:
    Secure remote access to company resources with two-factor authentication (email, QR code, push notification, SMS)
  2. Check the time and place that specific resources have been accessed at by employees
  3. Implement a security policy for access of company resources (e.g. CRM accessible only by sales department from the office during working hours, requiring sign-in verification during each sign-in)
  4. Send alerts to employees (email, push notification, SMS)

Rublon Business is being used by agencies for secure access to WordPress admin dashboards. Agencies offer Rublon Business to their clients or deploy it agency-wide to all client websites. AXA Switzerland, a client of Namics, uses Rublon to enable their employees secure access to the administration dashboard of their blog.

Rublon Web

  1. Rublon Web is a solution for independent software vendors (ISVs) and offers the following benefits: Secure access to user data and accounts with two-factor authentication (email, QR code, push notification, SMS)
  2. Protect all user accounts thanks to email-based sign-in verification that works out-of-the-box, without requiring users to install anything
  3. The world’s easiest sign-in verification via email (receive the email on any device and click the verification link to sign-in on the device where you entered your password)
  4. Verify transactions by sending questions (email, push notification, SMS)
  5. Send alerts to your users (email, push notification, SMS)

Rublon Web is used by companies that develop online applications that handle sensitive business data and process financial transactions. The cryptocurrency exchange BitBay uses Rublon Web to protect access to user accounts and to verify transactions. Another implementation example is GeoNAM by Geomagic, a web-based software for network asset management (e.g. gas pipelines), which uses Rublon to enable customers secure remote access to sensitive company data.

Rublon can be deployed using the Rublon Cloud based on Microsoft Azure, a private cloud or on-premises.