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Business Panels Announced


WordCamp Miami has had a business track for a number of years, which has been aimed to help people trying to start a business (particularly WordPress) or helping people who currently have a business increase their profits and productivity.

This year is no different and we’re proud to have three panels in our Sunday February 21st business track. Make sure to check out our schedule for the latest on who is going to be speaking and when. Here’s a summary of our panels:

Is It Time To Diversify Beyond WordPress?

Panelists on this panel, who are deeply involved in the WordPress ecosystem in various ways, will have an honest conversation on how they feel about WordPress’s growth, and their thoughts about the changes that are coming over the horizon. They will share their feeling about the WordPress theme and plugin market in addition to providing insight as members of WordPress agencies. Do they have plans on expanding outside of WordPress in the future? Is there a right time to do this, and what are the right conditions for anyone to give this consideration?

How To Scale Your Business

This panel is mostly panelists offering the most practical suggestions from their own experiences (less story telling, and more “this is how this applied to me and can apply to others also”). Suggestions and talk doesn’t have to be WordPress specific but feel free to note how a WordPress business is unique is any aspects. Suggestions can also cover recurring revenues or client strategies.

Growing From Freelancing/Small Teams To Big Companies

Panelists tell their story and then answer questions about how they transitioned, along with offering tips to the audience. Some panelists have gone from freelance to agency life, others have gone from one or two man shops to building their own legit business.